Who I am

On my way to the next turn in my life!

On my way to the next turn in my life!


Paul Troger

In 2013, I’ve enrolled in a Bachelor in Art Direction at CREA Geneve. It was a life-changing experience for me. For the first time, I was able to combine many of my passions together and to unleash my creativity.

While working on school projects, I was also part of a graphist duo called POLOMARCO in order to get real-life freelance projects and to put into practice what we were learning every day to satisfy customers.

After graduation, I joined the S Agence design and ad agency, where I have been working for 3 years as Graphic Designer and Junior Art Director and balancing my day job with personal creative work.

Personally, I am a culture enthusiast, loving music and creative photography. An optimistic by nature, I tend to be a happiness vector.

Being part of the creative world that is constantly evolving, I follow up on new trends and technologies. I am always keen on learning more and developing new skills.